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Alex Dean
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2/7/2006 10:45:46 PM

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TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

Continued from here

The PDAs have information on the fastest route to The Small Rim: make a hyperspace jump to the Sekra system, use the System Access Gate network from Sekra to Mircor, then Mircor to the Aans system, and finally make a hyperspace jump to the supplied coordinates.

Sam: It's really far away for being a Vansidian capital ship.
Alex: These guys just aren't doing anything to make me trust them.

By this time, they've achieved orbit.

Sam: My hyperdrive won't go very far, so we should get to the edge of the system first. I'm sending you the coordinates I'll have to drop out at before we continue.
Alex: Alright.

Alex's computer informs him that it received a text message. He closes the message and continues toward the edge of the system. A short while later, Sam contacts him again.

Sam: Alright, ready to jump.
Alex: Okie dokie.

They enable their hyperdrives without a hitch. He turns on the speakers in the crew compartment to have S2S transmissions broadcast over them. He heads into the cargo bay, where he has installed a refrigerator, grabs a soda, and heads back into the crew compartment. He proceeds to clean his Five-Seven and do various extremely boring activities while the ship flies itself. About five and a half hours later, the ship lurches. Alex hops up and goes into the cockpit. Looking around for a moment, he spots Sam nearby.

Alex: I see you.
Sam: Hyperdrive's real hot. We're a little less than half-way to the Sekra system by now, so I'll be good to go in about thirty--
Alex: HEY! Did you say you watched Tears of the Sun in my ship?!

Sam blinks and looks over at Alex's ship.

Sam: ...Yeah.
Alex: How the heck did you do that?!
Sam: Got a subspace broadcast, I guess.
Alex: Holy smokes!

Alex begins messing with his computer. After getting a very bad TV show for the next thirty minutes, Sam's voice comes over S2S.

Sam: Alright, hyperdrive's good. Ready to go. Do you have coordinates?
Alex: Uhh, yeah. Going now.

They both enter hyperspace.
Samuel Jorgenson
Ship Mechanic
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2/7/2006 11:13:46 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

Two and a half days later, after stopping on a planet in each system to stock up on snacks and drinks and making their final hyperspace jump, they're now in clear view of the ship.

Sam: Wow. That's bigger than I thought it'd be.
Alex: Yeah..Where are we supposed to dock.

Sam loads up the PDAs information onto his onboard computer, and flips his ship onto autopilot.

Sam: I'm just autopiloting what they had loaded on it.
Alex: That works.

Alex does the same. Their ships drift over to the large capital ship. As they approach the wall of the ship, Sams computer starts running through programs on the PDA. A large bay door creaks open on the ship. Alex and Sam's ships are pull into the ship as the door closes. They land their ships. Sam lifts his hatch and climbs out. The ship is nearly pitch black. The only thing illuminating its widing halls were dim emergency lights on the walls. Sam waiting for a moment until Alex came out.

Alex: Pretty dark.
Sam: Yeah.

Sam leans back into the Reaver and pulls out the PDA. He goes through several menus and finds a map of the place. He pulls out his holocommunicator, and using a special program, syncs it up with the map. Now at the press of a button, he has a 3D map of the ship. The bay area they were in was gigantic beyond imagination, as it was used to store ships of all kinds, and walkers of all kinds. As well as standard cargo. But all that remained in the large bay now was Sam and Alex's ships. There was an eerie echo whenever they spoke. it seemed as though the ships backup life support systems were still running though, since they could breathe without issue. Sam heads to the back of the reaver and opens up the storage hatch.

Sam: Hopefully this'll go by easilly.

Alex laughs and heads back into his ship to grab his gear. Sam slung his Satyr over his back and grabbed an old black duffel bag he had, and he threw in the hacking tools. He turned on the map of the place and looked around their immediate area. He noticed there were two exits, one to the north, and one to the west.

Sam: I'd assume the control room would be someware on the upper decks. But the core itself it probably in the lower decks. Let's try to see if we can get it started without having to check the core.

Alex walks down the ramp of his ship and nods.

Alex: Yeah. So which way are going first?

Alex squints to look around the area.
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
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2/7/2006 11:50:22 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

Alex grabs a Maglite from his ship.

Sam: I can't see the computers working without the main generators, so we should head down there.
Alex: Okay.

Alex shines his light up at the ceiling, making sure there are no large flesh-eating aliens waiting to quite literally get the drop on them. He then shines the light toward one of the doors and they head for it. Finding the stairwell, they head down the decks until they find the most-cramped section filled with valves and pipes. Turning a corner, they see the generator. The room is filled with red lights.

Sam: Looks intact. Wonder what happened.

Sam hands his Satyr to Alex and takes a look around the engine.

Sam: Hm... I'll just...

He hits a switch. The generator makes a noise and something inside begins turning. It picks up speed and the main lights come on in a few seconds.

Alex: LIGHT!

He is visibly relieved. He turns off the flashlight.

Sam: It looks like it turned itself off. Maybe after a certain period of inactivity it turns itself off.
Alex: That would be weird.
Sam: Everything about this is weird.
Alex: True.

Alex hands him back his gun and they head back to the main deck. The lights are on in there too. Alex smiles.
Samuel Jorgenson
Ship Mechanic
Dominion Master
2/8/2006 12:08:51 AM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

They head through the other door down, and start down the winding halls, lined with doors.

Sam: These places are pretty creepy when they're empty like this.
Alex: Yeah. I wonder what happened to the entire crew.
Sam: I have a feeling we don't want to find out. But probably will.
Alex: Ye--

Alex stops as he hears a rather loud "thud" coming from the hallway up ahead. They both stop dead in their tracks.

Alex: ..I thought we were the only ones here?
Sam: I hope we are.

Sam shoulders his Satyr as he continues down the hall. There's a low, but audible growling coming from around the corner. A very large, grotesque creature of sorts comes crawling around the corner. The creature looked like it had no skin. It was dripping with blood as he growled, staring down Alex and Sam. The creature had no eyes, but obviously had other ways of seeing its prey. The creature suddenly began charging at them. Sam unloaded on the creature, dropping it after several shots.

Sam: I-I have NO idea.
Alex: Maybe that thing ate everyone on the ship.
Sam: L-Let's keep going.

Alex nods and pulls out his Five-seven. After finding the control room, they run into it, and close the door behind them. Alex locks the large steel door while Sam heads to the computer. He hooks the PDA up to it and runs through its files.

Sam: Grah. We can't get the core started from here. We'll have to go really deep into the ship.
Alex: Great.
Sam: But I think I can get the datalogs.

Sam uses the hacking tools to unlock the datalog access. Then he runs a program on the PDA, and in a few moments, the ships datalogs start downloading onto the PDA. As the files download, they briefly flash onto the monitor. A picture of that creature flashes on the monitor, and freaks Sam out. When the files finish downloading, he pockets the PDA and manually goes through the files on the main console. He eventually finds the file and pulls it up. It has many pictures of the creature, and information on it.

Sam: Hey, Alex. Check this out.

Alex walks over and looks at the screen.

Alex: They have data on that?
Sam: Yeah. Kinda weird.

After digging deeper, he finds out that these creatures were an experiment gone horribly wrong. The scientists that created them lost control of them. The creatures were contained to the laboratory area of the ship, and the entire sector of the ship was locked down for good. But apparently, the creatures somehow got out. Further inspecting the logs, he finds that fifteen years ago, the capitol ship was attacked. it doesn't say by who, but there are logs of all the structural damage and such to the ship, as well as logs of all transmissions.

Alex: Maybe whatever attacked the ship had no idea what was in that sector and opened it?
Sam: Who knows. but that doesn't explain the ship disappearing for fifteen years.
Alex: Yeah..Let's just gett he core running and go home.
Sam: Yeah. I'd like to get out of here.

As they approach the door, there's a loud crash, and there's a dent put in the door.
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
Dominion Master
2/8/2006 3:40:31 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

Alex curses loudly and looks around the bridge. He sees a pulse rifle lying on the floor. A few spots are slightly corroded--obviously from having blood on it for fifteen years--but he picks it up anyway. The cartridge shows it's about half full. Not seeing any other cartridges around, he simply accepts it. He turns back to the door as one of the creatures on the other side rams it again.

Alex: Cover the door.

Alex heads over to one of the consoles and begins running through the menus.

Alex: It would make things a lot easier if we could just vent atmosphere everywhere besides the bridge.
Sam: What? We can't leave if you do that.

Alex stops and turns.

Alex: Why not?


Sam: The life support on a ship like this needs the main power core to operate. After you vent it, we die.
Alex: And you're telling me these things survived for fifteen years on whatever air was left when the life support shut off?

Sam shrugs.

With another loud bang, the door bursts open. Two of the creatures burst into the bridge and Sam and Alex open fire, engaging separate targets. Just as Sam takes his down, Alex's pulse rifle runs out of ammo. The creature leaps into the air while Alex draws his Five-Seven. Alex, in "kill now" mode, fires as fast as he can at the thing's face, but doesn't move. It dies in midair, but slams into him and knocks him to the floor.

Alex: Nuts.

He wriggles. Sam comes over and helps lift the thing while Alex wriggles out. Freeing himself, they take a quick look down the hall from the bridge.

Alex: I don't hear anything.
Sam: And I don't see anything. Let's go.

They hurry down the hall, the empty pulse rifle slung on Alex's back.

Alex: Look, I am NOT staying in this ship. I'm heading for the hangar. I'm getting in my ship, and I am leaving.
Sam: The hangar's probably crawling with those things.
Alex: Why? They weren't there when we got here.
Sam: Good point, but our mission is to get the core online.
Alex: Uh, are you out of your freaking MIND? Those creeps wanted the core online to get the data logs, and we didn't NEED the core, so we're LEAVING. NOW.
Sam: Okay. Fine. We'll leave. But shut up--the more we talk, the better the chance one of those things finds us.

Some force of the universe has a sick sense of humor, as at the very moment Sam finishes talking, very heavy, fast footsteps are heard behind them. Just as they swing around to look, one of the creatures leaps directly over them and continues down the hall. This one was followed by another, and it leaps over them as well and continues chasing the first one, snarling.

Alex: ...Huh?
Sam: I don't think they're friendly to one another.
Alex: That could be convenient. Let's go.
Samuel Jorgenson
Ship Mechanic
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2/8/2006 4:46:03 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

As they're running, Sam pulls out his holocommunicator, and pops up a 3D map of the area.

Sam: This, way, it looks like a shortcut.

Sam and Alex duck into a room off the end off the hall, and slide the door shut, locking it. Sam heads over to the corner, and lifts off the cover of a large vent. Sam climbs in without hesitation, as does Alex. After crawling through it for a few minutes, they come to another vent cover. Sam pounds on it until it falls off, and hits the ground making a loud clanking sound. Sam climbs out and looks around, seeing that he's back in the hangar. Alex crawls out and points out their ships, which are covered with a handful of those creatures.

Alex: Great. Just great.

Sam leans on a pile of scrap metal and looks through his scope. Shot after shot, he brings down the creatures. He sighs in relief, but just as turns around to see Alex, he notices one of the creatures right behind Alex. Sam's eyes widen and he points.

Alex: Huh?

Sam goes to fire, but the energy cell was depleted, and pops off. Alex turns around when he sees that, and the creature lunges at Alex, knocking him off his feet. Sam pulls out his Lern and unloads on the creature, leaving little it rittled with holes. Sam runs over and helps Alex up.

Sam: You alright?
Alex: Y-yeah..Let's go. Now.

They both make a run for their ships. Sam tosses his stuff in the cargo of the Reaver, and closes the hatch on it. He turns to Alex, who is running up the ramp of his ship.

Sam: We should bring one of these things back.
Alex: ..Why?
Sam: You never know if it might be helpful with whatever reason they wanted this data for.
Alex: Ugh..fine.

Hesitantly, they both head over to one of the dead ones, and start dragging it up into Alex's ship. After all is said and done, they pile back into their ships, and lift off as soon as they can.
Alex Dean
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2/8/2006 5:14:45 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

Alex closes the door between the crew compartment and cargo bay, grabs his railgun, and leans it against the instrument panel in the cockpit.

Alex: I'm not putting it past this thing to get up and try to kill me. If I hear a bang on my crew compartment door, I'm venting that thing into space.

Sam doesn't sound too happy, but agrees. A few hours later, they once again arrive on Flistna.
Samuel Jorgenson
Ship Mechanic
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2/8/2006 5:21:50 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

As they're landing, the TCF agents are seen standing below. It's almost as if they know of Sam and Alex's exact location and got there first. After landing, Sam and Alex both head out of their ships and greet the agents.

MIB: Did you retrieve the data logs?

Sam hands the man the PDA.

Sam: Yeah. And we almost got killed.
MIB: What do you mean?

Alex heads back into his ship and drags the creature out.

Alex: Their stupid ship was crawling these things.

The two agents look at eachother and nod. One of the agents walks over to the creature and presses a few buttons on his armband. The creature and agent dissapear. The other agent approaches Sam and Alex.

MIB: Forget all knowlege of what you saw on that ship.
Alex: Can do.
MIB: Payment has been wired to your accounts. Good day.

The agent presses a button on his arm band and vanishes.
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
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2/8/2006 6:11:02 PM

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RE: TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship

Alex: Next time I see those guys, I am taking one of those armbands and I am interrogating him. Then, when I'm done, I'm using that armband to warp wherever they keep going and I'm checking out what kind of sick crud they're doing. Then we're going to take them down and take all their slag.
Sam: I doubt it.
Alex: What?
Sam: Nothing. But hey--we have money.

Alex grumbles.

Continued here
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