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Daireem - Talk
Street Fighter/Space Station
9/4/2008 8:45:43 AM

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STOP (hammertime)

I hereby announce my intent to not post for a week or so.

I'm going to be without consistent internet hookup as I'll be visiting the 'rents out in the dark and mysterious forests of southern Sweden.  Rocks, moss, and sticks are the mainstay of local entertainment technology, severely impacting the availability of the electronic communication systems on which Daireem is ultimately based.  Depending on the sorts of mushrooms found growing in the moist corners of the woods, an attempt will be made to read and write posts by astral projection.  Results may vary.

Wolf McDog
The ability to destroy
a planet is insignificant
next to the power of the Force.
I'm a random monster...
and the most powerful boss!
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
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Dominion Master
9/8/2008 7:44:15 PM

Level: 85
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RE: STOP (hammertime)

Can you hear me? This is Wolf on Daireem. Testing, 123. Anyone there?
Hey Claudius...
You killed my father.
Big mistake.

Dominion Master
9/17/2008 12:44:43 AM

Level: 25
Experience: 65000

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RE: STOP (hammertime)

Ah, I see you've been online recently.

I guess I should post. Laughing
Daireem - STOP (hammertime)
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