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Daireem - Rules
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11/6/2008 6:27:43 PM

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Signature, Portrait, Icon, and Title Rules

  1. Do not use unformatted text for your signature. There are a few options for this, such as center or right justifying, coloring, bold, italics, underlining, or a horizontal line ( <hr> ). If you do not format your plain text signature, we will format it for you as follows: Example signature. Woo!

  2. It is recommended that you disable your signature when making RP posts. (Uncheck "Use Signature" to the right of the post button.)

  3. Stated in the General Board Rules, but it bears repeating: images are allowed in signatures, but the absolute upper limit of total signature size (including all text and images) is 610 pixels wide, 100 pixels tall, and 50 KB:

  1. A portrait/avatar is to be no more than 150 pixels tall by 150 pixels wide. This is not the recommended size; this is the absolute maximum. If you break this rule, even by a little bit, your portrait will be replaced with this obnoxious placeholder informing you of your mistake: Walter Sobchak informs you of your mistake

  2. An icon is to be no more than 16 pixels tall by 16 pixels wide.

  3. Do not put images in your title. Titles should never be more than three lines of text.
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RE: Signature, Portrait, Icon, and Title Rules

Number 6 is a good rule and I endorse it.
Daireem - Signature, Portrait, Icon, and Title Rules
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