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MK2 Assasin Droid
12/1/2008 8:52:34 PM

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Mk2 assasin droid

Character Name: MK2 Assaain Droid

Age: 0 (prototype)

Gender: Male (in sense)

Species: Android

Description: Stands about 6' 5". It basically looks like a human skeleton, except the head is a thin cylinder with a cone on it's top, with one eye on top of another, the one on top bigger. The chest is basically a block, except the shoulders are sheped like human's shoulders. It is covered in a metalic silver metal shell. The arms each have three fingers,two regular fingers and a thumb

History: The Mk2 Assasin Droid was created by an rich, scheming noble that wanted his own private leage of assasin droids, free of charge. After a succesful creation of 4 of them, they sent one out for a field test to eliminate a certain droid manufacturer. When it returned, it appered radically different, shot up, and talking to now in particular about 'mission failure' and 'new programing'. Then, after a few hours, it went rouge and destroyed the construction facility, turning the remaning three on, so now there are four assasin droids loose and they only listen to the highest bidder.

Since becoming free, the four droids have formed a loose alliance, and since of the extremly vigourus testing and constant beating and battering,all four of them wanted nothing more then to eradicate and eliminte all 'oraganics' in the universe,esepcially get rid of the person who put the order out to build who has now put a 'dismantle on site' warant against them, ofering a huge reward fow the whole set of parts of one of the droids, but they need lot's of money to do that. So, with the help of their original programing, the have taken up the bounty hunter profession until the ammas enough wealth to complete their goals.

Perrenor TechSystems C8 Raptor 950 tape (conected to arm)

Orion Holocommunicator 150 tape (inside it)

Flashbang Greande 75 tape (For those 'keep alive' missions)

Corman-Falee Beam Saber 400 tape (if things get a little to personal)

H&K USP45 Tactical 1000 tape

Insight M2 UTL 130 tape

That leaves me with exacly 430 tape left, using a calculator.

Model: IK2000 Predator
Manufacturer: Ziljing Industries
Type: Fighter
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Short-range Morris Driveyards SR-PIM Drive
Life Support: yes
Artificial Gravity: yes
Weight Class: Light
Armaments: 2x light autocannon racks/1x light ion racks

The IK2000 Predator is a specially designed fighter meant for the Mk2,capable of scrambling ship systems ( see below for details). It also has enough storage space in there for three holding cages for his bounties that need to be kept alive.

Scramble: the IK2000 Predator can scarmble a ship`s targetting systems, greatly reducing it`s accuracy, in a 20 yard circle around itself.

This is my character, hope you can help if you find anything wrong. And Stasis, hope the history helps create that interesting character you wanted
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Big mistake.

Dominion Master
12/2/2008 7:55:54 PM

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RE: Mk2 assasin droid

I'm approving you now. It's much better now that his history is more fleshed out. Smile
Daireem - Mk2 assasin droid
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