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Gunner Laervin

Character Name: Gunner Laervin
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Corman Falee Double bladed Beam Saber, Glock 18
Ship/Vehicle: Custom VZ48 Hunter  (The weapons were stripped off and a hyperdrive system was added on)
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Description: Gunner is actually a clone of Gunner Michaels, from planet Meeriad.Gunner is 5"7' and weighs 170 lbs.  He generaly wears the same attire as the man he was derived from.
History:  Gavin Stormfist of Meeriad retrieved the jacket of his recently deceased friend, Gunner Michaels.  He took the jacket to Dr. Laervin.  Dr. Laervin used a hair sample from the jacket to create a clone of Gunner.  Using advanced techniques, The clone was aged to 37 years, and, using even more advanced techniques known to Laervin himself, every cell in the clones body was modified to never age, thus, making the clone stay 37 forever.  WHen the clone was habilitated, and learned what he was, He decided he wanted nothing to do with his original, changed his last name to the doctor's and thinking of him as a father, he traveled into space as soon as he could and took only a glock 18 with him, and.  Survivng as a fringer, he eventually got ahold of a stripped down VZ48 Hunter, spent the majority of his money installing a hyperdrive, and now wanders everywhere.

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I've got my (gun) sights set on you.
Daireem - Gunner Laervin
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