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1/30/2009 5:00:45 PM

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Anatoly Alexeyev

Character Name: Anatoly Alexeyev

Age: 34

Gender: Was male, now N/A

Species: Android/Human

Description: Anatoly looks far from your normal human. Grotesque features adorn the very few exposed organic parts of his mechanised body, strange goo oozing out of nooks in small amounts, often rendering the metal plates unsightly. On the whole, the 2,2 metres (7'3") bulky exoskeleton Anatoly has been fused with isn't metallic and shiny as one would expect a 'robot' to be. It's rather gritty and dirty, a base colour of yellow with red stripes on some parts. His legs are double-jointed with heavy-ish tripod-shaped feet at the bottom, which make distinctive 'clanks' as he walks. His arms are double-jointed as well, allowing him better agility and precision, with three metallic 'claws' serving as hands. His right arm also houses a heavily modified version of the Perrenor TechSystems Satyr, which is neatly concealed below the metallic doors. The left arm houses a partially-concealed, also heavily modified, Lanus Arms L1. The torso, albeit bulky and sporting uncurved edges, is by far the most organic-shaped thing on the halfling. Saying this, there is no flesh visible on his chest. There is, however, a spine-like structure running along his back, providing the torso with flexibility of interconnecting parts. And last, but not least, is Anatoly's head. Having lost all its human resemblence, it's a mass of metal and sensors on short, agile supports. These do not, however, allow his head to rotate a full 360 degrees. The only actual evidence of something organic is between the nooks on his arms, where unhealthy-looking organic masses can be seen covering the cold steel. The organic parts don't serve any purpose anymore, they are not even connected to his brains and are kept alive through the use of nano-bots. While Anatoly could easily shed this organic burden, he still clings to it, the last sign of his vanished humanity. In his knowledge and newly gained processing power, he is always trying to improve or redesign himself.

Because of his robotic features, there is actually no need for Anatoly to wear any clothes. Not that they would come in his shape and size, for that matter. His voice module allows him to reproduce various sounds, speak in various tones and accents and replay recorded sounds. Due to him not being a true robot, nor a true human, he would be of great interest to certain research institutes, those with good intentions and the more shady ones. Because of this, he often pretends to be a simple droid. What he is supposed to be 'programmed' for varies with the situation and his.. mood.

Anatoly had a bleak, down-to-earth approach to everything before his transformation and that hasn't changed. Often sarcastic and unpleasant, Anatoly can make his companions regret ever taking him with them. However, he does have an intricate knowledge of biotechnology and biomechanics.

One would think that, with a human conscience and the processing power of a molecular computer (all his memories and data are stored in custom-built molecules), he would be driven insane by the inability to move physically as fast as he can think. However, he can freely assign processing power as needed and keeps his processors in an idle state most of the time, letting his 'brains' do the simulated slowness.

History: Born as a single child of a poor farming family, Anatoly had soon proven himself in school. Proceeding to higher education levels, he was soon recognised for his scientific abilities and reasoning. Getting a job in biomechanical laboratories was a privilege and later turned out to have saved his life. His life was uneventful until he turned 33. At that point, the laboratory and organisation received numerous death threats, demanding all 'unethical' research be stopped. There wasn't anything sinister going on in the underground facility, the research was simply aimed at improving and conserving human life. The threats were disregarded and forwarded to the authorities. Not thinking much of it, Anatoly, who was then the head researcher, continued his life as usual. However, this costed him dearly.

The surprisingly well-armed assassins had mounted a planned attack on the human. Catching him unaware in his home, he was riddled with bullets. As quickly as the mysterious men had arrived, they also dissapeared. Fortunately, medical help arrived in a matter of minutes, partly due to his home sensors monitoring his life signs and his house being close to a hospital. Anatoly was in a critical state and about to die.

This event gave the organisation he was working for the perfect excuse for human trials. A brain-to-computer transfer. Through powerful contacts, he was rushed to the laboratory. A special type of neuron-nano bots were injected into his brain, each bot attaching itself to a neuron, recording the events the current neuron produced. When the information was gathered, the bot killed the neuron and replaced it with its altered shape. His brain had been mechanised into a computer. However experimental and dangerous this procedure was, it was his only chance of survival and nobody knew whether Anatoly would actually still be Anatoly. After an hour, the nano machines reported a failure. The damage to his body was so extensive a reconstruction was now impossible. However, his brains now being independent of his frail flesh, the critical stage was over. A special pre-designed and pre-manufactured robotic unit was promptly connected with the brains and, to everyone's surprise, Anatoly woke up.

After a few months of analysing and further research on himself, he gathered that at that rate, he would become a guinea pig for the organisation, however good their intentions might be. As a result, he downloaded the data to his data banks and escaped the laboratory with the pretense of going to perform some sensor research outside. Of course he was accompained by two guards and a vehicle which took him to an uninhabited part of the planet, but this proved not to be a problem. A few well-aimed hits with his arm and the two men were unconscious. Dumping them in the wild, they would be fine with their distress beacons. Now Anatoly had his freedom and ship. Where life would take him next was another question.

- Perrenor TechSystems Satyr (775 tape + 300 tape for components to modify it) (not actually in his 'inventory')
- Lanus Arms L1 (1450 tape + 300 tape for components to modify it) (not actually in his 'inventory')

Ship: MTR-82 Spacehawk - Org Jumper 25G. This ship belonged and still belongs to the organisation that hired Anatoly and with whome he now marked himself as a fugitive. A quick visit to some shady characters rendered its ID systems reformatted and reprogrammed, identifying it as the StarFire 552. Almost in mint condition, this craft was seldomly used extensively by the organisation and will thus prove to be a valuable asset.

However, Anatoly wouldn't be himself, lest he tinkered with the craft. Spending the rest of his tiny budget, he sold some parts of the ship and replaced them with new and used ones, which were more to his liking. This was done partially to mask the ship, should someone look for the stolen one, and partially to convert its functions to those that would suit Anatoly's own idea. He could control almost everything by remote data transfer from his transmitter in the chasis. This proved to be an almost essential addition as he could issue different commands to the ship's computer far faster than it would be typing them on the controls themselves. So ultimately, the ship was disfigured and appeared to be made out of junk parts, but it worked! Consequently, the interior suffered a similar fate. The corridors and spaces were made larger to accomodate the hulking robot stomping about, all things that made the ship at least a little bit more comfortable for the normal human were removed and sold off as unneeded. It was, quite frankly, an eerie and alien environment inside.

(Note: the weapons mounted in/on his arms are only modified to an extent that they are coupled with the robotic body, not that they have improved range, firepower and the like. The price of parts required to incorporate them were quite expensive (300 tape for each).)

(Well, I hope this is all okay. I'm not quite satisfied with the wording, but.. Arg.. And should this be accepted, I have absolutely no idea where or who to join, heh.)
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1/30/2009 6:46:19 PM

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RE: Anatoly Alexeyev


Perhaps one of our other kind members would have a spot for you. Smile
2/1/2009 1:56:52 PM

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RE: Anatoly Alexeyev

I've slightly updated the character profile. Corrected a typo and added a little bit of additional info on his legs, personality (impersonation) and ship modifications.

Let me know if something's out of order.
Daireem - Anatoly Alexeyev
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