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Daireem - Gekel
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11/9/2006 12:06:28 PM

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An Army of One.

Outside a sloppily put-together fortress-type thing--made of corrugated sheet metal, lots of scrap lumber, and a few buses--lots of pops and cracks are heard. These pops and cracks can only be one thing: gunfire.

An enormous man slams against a dune. It is obvious that he is an Ellixan, because he is so large; also, he is mowing down dozens of dudes by himself.

Others fail to do battle alongside him. None other inhabits the shoddy fortress. But it is his home, and raiders are assaulting it. Luckily for him, he is huge, Ellixan, and armed with a Lanus Arms Pulse Rifle with underbarrel Stihl BayoSaw. Dudes are gibbing left and right.

Soon, the assault has ended and the beefy Ellixan returns to his shoddy fortress, which is unfortunately soon to be carpet bombed.

The beefy Ellixan will continue to avoid...

The Many.
Daireem - An Army of One.
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