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Ian Arnette
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7/15/2009 7:01:54 PM

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Ian Arnette

Stamp of Character Approval Name: Ian Arnette
Age: 21 and 41
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Weight: 210
Height: 6'4
Items: Spyderco B02 Szabofly, H&K USP40 Tactical
Ship: CP3 Vexxer

Ian Arnette is a relatively quiet man, keeps to himself for the majority of the time, and has very few friends. In his later years, it's unknown if he has any friends. He is also quite unremarkable, except for the fact that he appears to be freakishly tall.

He has brownish-blonde hair. The kind that you can't ever quite remember what color it is, when you're not looking at it. In his later years, his hair has started to turn salt & pepper gray. He's been known to dye it on occasion, but very rarely.

He wears thick rimmed glasses, that make him look like what you would think a professor of psychology might look like, if you weren't really thinking about it. Behind those glasses are deep brown eyes. Nothing remarkable.

He wears a pair of casual dress shoes, jeans, a white shirt, and a black over-shirt to conceal his pistol. At least, that's what he prefers. He really isn't too picky, as long as it's nothing too eye catching.

The Arnette family, is one of those families that you wish you could be a part of. Full of talent, and no short supply of tape. If you listened closely in the evening after school, you could even hear a young Ian playing the violin. Truly, this was a role-model family.

Then sickness struck. Ian's mother, Lexi, was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She only lasted a couple of months.

Ian's father was a very kind man, and did his best to take care of Ian on his own, but he slowly shrunk into depression. By the time Ian was fifteen, his father and him hardly spoke to each other. They weren't hostile, it's just that they had nothing to say.

Ian never wound up going to college. Instead he started his career in petty crime. Stealing small items from stores and selling them at a fraction of the price on the black market. It's not that Ian needed the money, he just did it for the thrill.

From his years of playing violin, he was very good at feeling slight changes and vibrations with his hands, which made lock picking a second nature. Burglary and vandalism were soon to follow.

When he was twenty, he met Eruantion. Though they never had a really close friendship, Eruantion was one of Ian's only friends, and about the only steady law-abiding thing left in Ian's life. Ian looked up to Eruantion, even though he never stopped his life of crime.
Daireem - Ian Arnette
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