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Daireem - Perrenor
Mr. Narx
Real Rock 'n' Rolla
11/16/2009 1:12:31 AM

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On Tour

“Alright lads,‭ ‬grab all the gear and load up‭!‬” Anthony‭’‬s voice boomed as‭ ‬he silenced‭ ‬the deafening music with the press of a button.‭ ‬This request was met by‭ ‬various groans and complaints‭ ‬as the band lethargically‭ ‬flopped,‭ ‬dropped and shifted from their places and began hustling about to fetch guitars,‭ ‬amps and other‭ ‬weapons of rock.‭

‬“Hey Ant,‭”‬ Tek started lowering his glasses pretentiously,‭ ‬and changing his tone to that of a begging child.‭ ‬“Can I please bring me gun‭?‬”
“Oh alright‭”‬ Anthony replied,‭ ‬rolling his eyes.‭ ‬His reply brought a large,‭ ‬childish grin across Tek‭’‬s face as he‭ ‬bounced around the hazy,‭ ‬smoke filled room knocking various‭ ‬lamps and chairs over.‭ ‬“For frack sake Tektan,‭ ‬just get on the darn ship‭”‬ Ethan exclaimed as he stomped outside with two‭ ‬amps and a bass guitar in hand.‭ ‬Ethan Kyre was‭ ‬a‭ ‬6‭ ‬foot hulking mass of a‭ ‬drummer and the lesser known member of the group‭; ‬as‭ ‬drummers tend to be.‭ ‬He had a shaved head,‭ ‬several facial‭ piercings‬ and seemingly always wore the same old singlet and jeans. Tek responded by aiming the sights of his Mark 23 at Ethan's head and making gunshot noises.

Although the Spacehawk isn't the largest of crafts, it comfortably fit the four-man band, with Anthony sleeping in the cockpit. With everyone all set, the engines burst to life and the spaceship was flung towards the sky.
Deon 'CrosS' Carter
11/23/2009 1:03:36 AM

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RE: On Tour

Continued in Meeriad.

((Hey Jet, sorry I took so long, had that Mod Hist thing to do. I figured that since your headed to Meeriad, we'll continue this there))
Daireem - On Tour
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