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3/23/2010 2:09:40 AM

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Shenanigans: Game Master Extraordinaire

Hello everyone.  Many of you already know me by my character profile, Jehuty.  The founders and I've discussed my acting as a GM in Daireem for a few slightly more structured campaigns.  Don't worry, you won't need character sheets, dice, or a math degree to play them; in fact, all you need is a good understanding of your character.

I will be using this thread as an information center for campaigns I Game Master, beginning with the basics of getting started and a few simple rules.  Following that will be NPC (Non-Player Character) information and perhaps other notes in the future.  Please do not reply on this thread with questions.  Instead, send me a private message by clicking on my profile and using the handy "Send this user a private message" link or by just clicking here.

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3/24/2010 12:34:19 AM

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Something new has arrived in Daireem...  Shenanigans has agreed to guide players through a beta plot as a demo Game Master.  No player or character will be turned away from this beta campaign on the single condition that any who participate read, understand, and abide by the simple set of guidelines laid out below.
These rules, like the GM'd beta are a work in progress and are subject to change.  Update information can be viewed at the bottom of this post.
[Brackets surround example text.]

1. The first rule, as with any RPG, is that fun is top priority.

Building off the first rule, a few others are obvious:
2. Respect the Administration, the Game Master, and your fellow players.
3. Profanity is not allowed.  If you feel that your character must make lewd remarks, visit Wolf McDog's Guide to Exclamations and "Colorful Phrases" in Daireem.
4. It is unfair to ruin another player's experience by any means.

Some new rules unique to the GM'd beta:
5. Players don't have to - and should not - take on the responsibilities of the GM; describing surroundings, controlling NPCs and events, etc.  Players in a GMed game only need to worry about what their own character is doing.
6-a. All action in the game plays out in the present tense.  For example, when players normally roleplay they usually do so in the storytelling past tense: [Bob took the hammer and got to work.]  In Shenanigans's games, players would say, [Takes the hammer and gets to work.]  if their username matches their character name or, [Bob takes the hammer and gets to work.] if their username does not match their character name.
6-b. Descriptions will be in italics.
6-c. Actions and other verb-dominated text will be typed normally.
6-d. Speech will be surrounded with quotation marks.  For example, if Bob the player wants his character, Bob, to say something, he can simply type, ["Blah blah blah."] instead of going to the trouble of typing, [Bob said, "Blah blah blah."]

7. Once a campaign is in motion, it will usually be updated regularly (every 24 hours for small 2-3 player campaigns, 48 hours for larger ones).  Sometimes, especially in larger-population games, players will not get a chance to react to everything that happens.  This doesn't mean that character is left out or loses experience, it just means that other characters handled the situation or took the initiative.
8. Out of respect for the site, its founders, and its visitors; players are expected to exercise maximum effort in grammar and spelling.

9. The last rule is also to have fun because when it comes down to it, that's all that really matters.

These rules by no means apply to the entire site.  These rules are intended as a guideline for storylines game mastered by Shenanigans.  If you choose not to enter a game mastered plot you are bound only by the site's main rules.

Please feel free to reply with questions and requests for additional information or PM Shenanigans if you're confused.  Once you've read and understand these basics, scroll down to view the Getting Started section.

~Last Update: 25March2010, Rules adherence expectations clarified (2nd to last paragraph added)~

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3/24/2010 12:36:12 AM

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Getting Started

After you've read -and clarified with Shenanigans if necessary- the above rules of the GMed campaign, there are a few updates you will need to make to your character's profile to make her game-ready.  These are things that, though not necessary for the collaborative fiction style roleplay of most of Daireem, will greatly improve the ease and fun of playing a Game Mastered game.

First, reread your character's profile if necessary to become familiar with her details and inner workings.  You will now need to come up with a few items to add:

Click on the "Edit Profile" link in Diareem under "Active Plots".  Find the editable text portion under your character's name and add the following 2 lines of red text:

These are your level and experience.  You will be instructed to update them often during the course of the game.
You can now add to your profile:

-5 Abilities at level 0(These are passive skills that are inherent in your character and will improve upon use in-game and at the GM's discretion.  Abilities are classified as either advantages or disadvantages.  Talk to Shenanigans about getting extra abilities for having disadvantageous ones.)

-5 Skills at level 1(These are trainable skills that have been learned by the character and can be upgraded with Skill Points awarded upon levelup.  Characters will also sometimes get the chance to purchase skills and skill points at training centers in-game.)

An example character can be seen below.
Again, feel free to PM Shenanigans if you have any questions.

Now you should be ready to get into the game.  Remember these rules only apply to campaigns game mastered by Shenanigans.

Below is a list of campaigns currently available complete with their current locations.

Campaign 1 - Sunset Space Station

~Last Update: 25March2010 - Added link for Campaign 1 (working title)~

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