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3/7/2007 10:45:04 PM

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"WHY is Mecheeto still alive?!"

A fist collides swiftly with a wooden table. The wood has begun to splinter in that particular location, indicating that it has apparently collided with a fist on several occasions previous, and that MSG. Michael Straub is a rather angry person.

"The longer those two can speak, the longer we're in danger. They're going to talk and somebody's going to listen."

SSG. Paul Scott, sitting at the same table, to Straub's left, rips his knife out of the table and stabs it in once again. His fingers rub across his forehead in irritation. He sighs.

"Don't forget, Straub," Scott begins, pausing slightly to let the condescending tone of his voice sink in. Straub squints, glaring back at Scott. "Mecheeto's many achievements. You, I'm sure, never dreamed of such accomplishments."
"Watch it, Sergeant. We haven't had a 'hunt' in a while and my men are getting antsy."
A smug look crosses Scott's face. "Pathetic."

Straub leaps to his feet and slams his hands down on the table. 1SGT. John Miller shakes his head.

"Enough." proclaims the First Sergeant. "You two can handle your history on your own time. Regardless, Scott has a point. This galaxy's miserable bounty hunters haven't a chance to bring down the Mecheetos. However..."

He leans forward on the table, steepling his fingers in a generically evil fashion.

"I've developed a plan to swing the 2nd Assault Division into our service."

Straub's interest is visibly piqued. Miller tosses a folder onto the table and sits back. Straub grabs the folder quickly and drops back into his seat. He angrily rips out its contents and begins reading. The room is silent.

"The Mecheetos aren't a military priority at the moment. However, with these documents, they can be." Miller explains.

Straub slowly looks up from the papers. "If this is discovered as false..."
"If Mecheeto exposes us, we're dead. Either way, this is our best course of action."

Straub tosses the papers onto the table and sits back, eyeing Miller. Scott reaches for them hesitantly and begins studying them.

"You're right, Miller." Straub concludes after some silence. "But I'm letting you handle it."
"Letting him?" Scott barks, looking up at Straub.
"Shut up, Sergeant." Miller commands impatiently. Scott appears irate. Miller continues. "It is my plan. It would indeed be best if I saw to it personally."
"I hope, for your sake as much as ours, that this plan of yours is flawless." says Straub, continually eyeing Miller.

Miller simply grunts smugly, stands up, picks the folder up off the table, and leaves the room without another word.
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