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Xavis Karhi

Character Name: Xavis Karhi

Age: N/A

Gender:  Male

Species: Bio-Shell

Description: Xavis is 1.56 m and 63.5kg. His shorter high tends to cause others to miscalculate his volition. Very mild mannered and quiet, he has a unique ability to blend into a crowd making him an adroit spy. Xavis tends to wear form-fitting darker cloths, or whatever is most useful. He prefers suits with plenty of functional pockets.
History: Created by Byte, Inc. for corporate espionage, Xavis is owned by the company. He was used in multiple replacement experiments including memory augmentation and addition. Although his memory of the experiment itself is erased after completion, Xavis is a menagerie of personalities. Depending on his loadout his behavior will vary drastically (violent tendencies, rational and irrational behavior etc.), but is general cold and calculating. Still involved with his parent company, Xavis is now working independently as an information broker and trader. He is constantly learning and altering his persona through interaction with databases and spends most of his time connected to networks while he explores the space lanes.

Item(s): Glock Compact Series 23 - ShivWorks Clinch Pick - Orion Holocommunicator

Ship/Vehicle: CP3 Vexxer “Cicatriz”
Daireem - Xavis Karhi
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