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2/15/2011 4:06:16 AM

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Ezrath Dorander Zeddicus

Character Name:
Ezrath Dorander Zeddicus



Zap'ana (Shape-shifter)

Ezrath's alternate form is not much different than that of... Ezrath. Just more reptilian. A lot more reptilian. When Ezrath shifts, he grows around two feet. His face juts out and his eyes take on a more reptilian look. His teeth (which are sharp normally) grow. He sprouts a tail, and devilishly sharp, retractable claws.

Ezrath stands at six-four, and weighs around 180. His scales are pitch black, which makes his slim, muscular build look smaller than it is. His eyes are a dark shade of green. He wears a black, leather-like body suit, with a trench-coat worn over it, concealing his many weapons.

When Ezrath was seventeen, his family were murdered in their home. Ezrath came home and found his parents and two sisters dead, shot execution style in the back of the head. Ezrath, now lonely and full of rage set out to find their murderers. What he found, two years later, were his father's closest friend.

Ezrath's father was a skilled gunman, as an ex-military man should be. He had bested his friend in a friendly target shoot, and his friend hadn't taken it lightly. After some investigating, he found that his wife and children were not involved. Ezrath snuck into the family's house and killed the man responsible for his family's death, using his father's hunting knife.

Now Ezrath is what many people would call a loner, a very unusual thing for a Zap'ana. Assassin, merchant, mercenary. Ezrath did whatever he could for money. The skills his father taught him in weapons and tactics, along with those he picked up over his years have helped him endlessly.

Springfield M21
Corman-Falee Beam Saber (I was wondering if this could be customized. Something like a falchion perhaps.)
Lern 42


Model: RH17 "NightHawk"
Manufacturer: Ezrath's own design. Built at age 21
Type: Shuttle/Fighter
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Long-Range Anti-Matter/Matter Reactor Drive
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Capacity: 4 humanoids, 15 with empty cargo.

Ezrath's own design for a fast, stealthy, and strong ship. The NightHawk is as black as Ezrath himself. Designed for agility, strength, power, and speed, it is an extremely versatile ship.

Springfield Armory M21 Price: 2000
Corman-Falee Beam Saber Price: 400
Lern 42 Price: 550
Hey Claudius...
You killed my father.
Big mistake.

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2/16/2011 6:36:55 PM

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RE: Ezrath¬†Dorander¬†Zeddicus

Welcome to Daireem! Stamp of Character Approval

Sure, other blade shapes can be had on the Beam Saber.
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