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Nathan Leonard

Character Name:  Nathan Leonard.

Age:  24.

Gender:  Male.

Species: Human

Description: Standing Five-foot and ten inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred and forty pounds Nathan is an average sized man, with nothing too unique about him. His close-cropped brown hair matches his eyes, which are usually concealed behind the soft blue glow of his helmets visor. His form is covered in a light metal plating, with air-tight rubber around his joints, hands, and neck. Nathan Leonard is the head of the RIS Corporation. (Resistance is Futile.) Albeit a small company, he has plans for expansion, hopefully in the next decade or so to begin taking control of the entire universe in the name of his God, Dalimni. (Lol, no RP would be right without the occasional religious fanatic.) His armor is crafted from the finest Beryllium around. Beryllium is lightweight and steadfast, providing amazing protection from weapons as well as offering some protection from ionizing radiation, such as some laser weapons, and Beryllium is very heat resistant, it's melting point being over 1,200 degrees. Beneath the armor, Nathan has a very thin, flexible coating of rubber to protect his skin from the harsh material, and always has a surgeons mask beneath his helm to prevent death by dust. Nathan is a respectful, intelligent person, for the most part. But he believes in the work he does, and won't let anyone get in his way, and his actions often seem evil to those around him. Besides being the head of the RIS, Nathan is an engineer, creating much of his gear himself, and an adventurer, always trying to discover new materials and resources for his work. Around his waist is a large workers belt, the pouches full of various items. (Small cogs, energy cells, a few rations, pen, paper, lighters, etc.) Upon his back is a large, military-grade pack. Inside of the pack are a load more of various items. Self-cooking meals, a bedroll, toilet paper, you never know when you're going to need these things, and Nathan likes to be prepared.

History: Nathan grew up aboard the Riverwind, a capital ship owned by his mother. His mother had been military oriented, always harassing him to do this, or do that. She'd wanted him to join the space academy at a young age. And so he had. At the age of nineteen, after being in training to be a mechanical and electronics engineer for seven years, Nathan had been caught tampering with his professor's terminal, following a successful an attempt to drop the load of supplies they'd been planning to drop over one planet or another into the void of space. His father, before he had died, pushed the fact the only the strong shall survive into his head. Nathan didn't believe in helping those below you, except if they were your friends. He hated the fact that his mother always wanted to help the poor. Let them die, more room for the rest of us. After being thrown from the military academy, undoubtedly with a dishonorable discharge, Nathan began traveling. He has no ship of his own. He hitch-hikes his way across the universe, stealing ships when he needs to, trying to make money and recruit folks to join his cause, trying to show them the light of Dalimni. His only goal in life is to bring everyone together, united under one flag, that of Dalimni.

Item(s): Misc stuff, as said above. RECON armor. (Relay, Energize, Construct, Overpower, Neutralize.)  And a Beretta Px4 Storm

Ship/Vehicle: His boots.
Beretta Px4 Storm Price: 460
Daireem - Nathan Leonard
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