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12/22/2012 1:03:38 PM

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Crash Landing

*a small CP3 Vexxer flies in orbit of this planet it could have seen better days it has a ton of plasma burns dents and one of the engines is split in two*

Marshal_Herms_Pike:REPORT!?!.....*he looks around seeing the rest of his crew is already out cold*....well this is great...now look at what you got yourself into...oh shut up...no i will no...im talking too myself again.....

*Marshal gets to a computer*

Marshal_Herms_Pike:Computer send out a distress signal...oh right....these computers are not voice activated...*presses the distress signal button and a distress beacon is launched out from the bottom of the shuttle*

Marshal_Herms_Pike:...there...now all i need too do is wa...
Computer:warning power failure...
Marshl_Herms_Pike:....oh course....JUST MY LUCK
*the shuttle starts flying towards the planet at very fast speeds the shuttle was at risk of blowing up!*
Computer:warning hull integrity failing...*continues*
Marshal_Herms_Pike:ok ....now how do you drive this thing....oh well i drove a car...did'int you crash that car? oh be quite....iv REALLY gotta stop talking too��myself...*starts getting annoyed with the computers constant "Warning Hull integrity failing* WOULD YOU SHUT UP!?!!?
Marshal_Herms_Pike:Wide Eyes...did you just...but..ok now i MUST be going crazy...
*the side of the shuttle smashes into a mountain blowing off the last "good" engine*
Marshal_Herms_Pike:...computer...if i dont make it...find me a wife..AND TELL HER I LOVE HER!
*the shuttle crashes into a mine now there is cactus thorns in the shuttles hull and Marshal is unconscious now his only hope is that some one picks up that distress beacon*
Daireem - Crash Landing
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