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Berbu Reibu

Character Name:
Berbu Reibu

3 earth years

Male (In so much as a bio-mechanical creation can be)


Berbu Reibu is heavier than average for a bio shell, weighing in at 250 pounds. He is not particularly muscular either. He resents that he was created rather than born. He believes that the only reason he could possibly have been created was to be a slave to someone else, and he considers not being in shape to be an act of rebellion.

He is shorter than average height, which further accentuates his heaviness. He stands at 5' 7", and frequently catches grief for his height.

Skin Color
Berbu is rather pale. He does not spend much time outside, instead dreaming of being a "star pilot." He is far from the shape that most people envision when they think of the commanders of space craft, though he has the knowledge to work as a crewman. It's all he has ever dedicated his life to is reading about ship systems, thinking that a star pilot needs to know everything about every part of his ship.

Also, there's the arid conditions on Tonfe where he was assembled. Spending much time outside would have lead down the path to certain death.

Berbu is really kind of unpleasant. His low position in the world has given him an attitude of someone with a chip on his shoulder. He feels that he has something to prove. Most people though, when they have something they want to prove, set all of the resources in motion towards achieving it. Berbu has not taken this approach, instead choosing to blame those who created him, hating his lot in life.

Berbu also has a deep love of flashlights. As a piece of Byte Incorporated property, he is not allowed to own any weapons, and instead has learned to use flashlights in tactical situations when evading gaurds. He knows that the best way to hide himself is with bright light, allowing him to deny which of the bio shells he is. Flashlights also give him the ability to sneak around the underground facilities of Tonfe when artificial night is occurring. The only things that he is interested in from Byte Incorporated are the stolen manuals they have for ships that he someday hopes to own, operate, maintain, and love.

Preferred style of clothing
Berbu has a deep seated hatred of pants, instead choosing to wear a tartan kilt. This really isn't related to his war against the rest of the factions in his life. He just really doesn't like pants.

Assembled underground by Byte Incorporated, Berbu Reibu wants to see the sky. Not from the ground of the arid Tonfean landscape, but instead from the perspective of the sky. Better yet, he wants to get as far away from his creators as possible. After reading an ancient tome entitled "A Modern Prometheus," he wishes to live somewhere bitterly cold.

He is still not sure if the best way to live somewhere bitterly cold is to find an ice world to live on or to spend the rest of his natural life in space.

Berbu Reibu's resentment for Byte Incorporated stems from his memories with his Mind. That is to say, he has no memories from the times when he was controlled by his Mind. He has no idea what he was used from by Byte Incorporated. He has no idea what awaits him once he breaches the threshold of the sky above.

He does know that Byte is in the business of information. He suspects that he has been used for the purposes of corporate espionage, and that likely, he has made Byte Incorporated wealthier, and more capable of creating more sentient, yet powerless beings such as himself.

He had once believed that being overweight would make him a less attractive spy. He was mostly right. As an unattractive man, not many secrets were leaked to him as the possible methods of espionage were reduced, seduction being off the table. One day he was reading the flight manual of the G55 Beluga, a manual which he isn't exactly sure how he acquired, dreaming of one day starting a space colony of fellow bio shells. The next thing he remembered he was standing in a hallway that he didn't recognize with an Orion Holocummunication device in his hand. Several Blaster rifles were pointed at his head, and he was forced to improvise, diving into a nearby chute. Due to his larger size, he got quite stuck.

Again, his memory failed him, and the next thing he knew he was sitting at his desk, reading the manual for a C41 Ladybug.

That particular incident was the last straw. At first he believed that the C41 Ladybug manual had replaced his G55 Beluga manual because no one really cared to get the details right. After looking into the prices of ships, he realized that it was likely the only ship he would ever be able to afford if his life was to continue in its current fashion. He began to wonder if the manual had been there by design.

He then remembered that all of his life was by design, and he went back to hating the book.

He couldn't argue with the price though. He needed that Ladybug...

Berdu has several flashlights. One might even call them a load-out. He owns a surefire M4 Devastator which he uses to blind people who are interested in harming him.

In the same vein, he owns an insight M2 UTL, which is the same flashlight that is used by the security of Byte Incorporated. Theirs are strapped to the bottom of guns. His is just held about where a security guard would hold a gun.

In case things get a little hairier than he was prepared to handle, he has a Mag Instruments 4 D-Cell Maglite which he uses as a club. Byte Industries has not yet banned their property from possessing such flashlights. Berbu has been successful thus far at not needing to use it, though if the situation warrants it, he is ready to use it.

At all times, Berbu carries with him a Mag Instruments Mini Maglite. He hates it, but it's cheap and he wouldn't be upset if he lost it. It serves him well when it is completely dark and he needs a flashlight.

He also owns a Surefire E1E Executive. This is the finest flashlight that he knows of, and he loves this flashlight.

Berbu also owns an Orion Holocommunicator. This is an essential to anyone who wants to take data from the company known for taking data. Also, it's pretty handy for it's original purpose of communication.

Berbu also has 2,330 tape that he has scrounged in his 3 years of existence on Tonfe left over after the purchase of a heavily used C41 Ladybug, some warm pants, gloves, a hat, a jacket, and a life support mask.

Berbu owns am old C41 Ladybug. It is a heavily used ship. It would probably be best to go get it serviced before attempting to re-enter in another atmosphere after leaving this one. The dealer who sold Berbu the ship advised him that he would likely want to bring a life support mask with him in spite of the fact that the Ladybug has life support systems. The dealer said that it would probably be best to keep the mask handy at the very least, if not attached to the face at all times.

The dealer also asked the Berbu if he was familiar with Zero-G movement. This confused Berbu greatly as the Ladybug is an artificial gravity ship. He guessed that the dealer was not familiar with this aspect of the ship, because after Berbu mentioned it the dealer said "Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. Artificial gravity comes standard."

After purchasing the ship, Berbu went inside the ship to look around and see everything. The first thing he noticed that the ship smelled strongly of fermented urine and that almost all of the seat cushions had holes in their upholstery. The dealer looked at Berbu, and recommended that he invest in a warm jacket and to stop wearing that new looking kilt and instead go after some insulated pants, boots, gloves, and a mask compatible hat.
Mag Instruments Mini Maglite Price: 10
Surefire M4 Devastator Price: 290
Insight M2 UTL for H&K USP Price: 130
Mag Instruments 4 D-Cell Maglite Price: 20
Surefire E1E Executive Elite Price: 70
Orion Holocommunicator Price: 150
Daireem - Berbu Reibu
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