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Charles M. Mosier (Sign up)

Name: Charles Matthew Mosier

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Description: Build- Somewhat skinny with a toned torso
Height- 5' 10
Weight- 150 lbs
Skin color- Light tan
Personality- He's rather quiet and shy around strangers, only talking when absolutely necessary, but once you get to know him better, he opens up and is downright silly when he feels like it.
Clothing- Jet black military fatigues that are slightly worn down, prescription glasses due to bad eyesight, and a black and gray combat vest.

History: Born into a family of miners, Matt spent a majority of his childhood roaming through space with his mother, father, and three sisters in search of valuable minerals in asteroid clusters around the galaxy. To some, that might seem like a rather bland and boring lifestyle, no firefights, no explosions, no action, but to Matt it was exhilarating, all the beautiful planets and stars they passed by, all the different people they met, it was so exciting to him, so once he got old enough he asked his father to teach him everything he needed to know about mining and transporting the minerals safely and efficiently. Over the next few years he began taking on more important roles in his father's mining business, and eventually took over the business at the ripe young age of 23. Fast forward 11 years and he is still commanding the relatively small fleet of mining ships, but most importantly he's still doing it with a smile.

Items: Mossberg 590A1, Kimber Custom II, flashlight, Holocommunicator

Ship: MTR-82 "Spacehawk" fitted with mining equipment
Mossberg 590A1 Price: 460
Kimber Custom II Price: 660
Orion Holocommunicator Price: 150
Daireem - Charles M. Mosier (Sign up)
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