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4/14/2007 8:44:03 PM

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Name:  Sprocket
Age:  112
Race: Demon shapeshifter (zorish)
Gender:  Male
Weapons: Corman-Falee Beam Saber

Description: Sprocket is lanky in all proportions. He has long fingers, a long chin, very slightly ridged spine, black hair that is both coarse and short, red eyes, and pointed ears and tongue. His skin is olive tan and his fingernails/claws are semi-retractable. He is wearing a leather jacket over a simple red shirt. His pants are denim, held up by a belt that also holds his beam sword.

Ship: None

History: For the first half of Sprocket's life, he lived as most demons do; he stayed out of sight and out of trouble. His long life afforded him wits and cunning that allowed him to avoid dangerous situations. However, he didn't see Perrenor GeneTech coming. They, with the help of pirates, captured him and many of his friends and family. Fifty two years of experimentation had yielded more turmoil and heartbreak than one should have to bear, yet he lived on. Now, he was the final, successful result of a genetics experiment designed to combat that which has befallen the moon of Wist, and perhaps, other worlds...

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Daireem - Sprocket
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