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Exclamations and "Colorful Phrases"

Cussing and vulgar language is not allowed on the site, and, as a result, the inhabitants of the Daireem galaxy do not know the foul language that you do, but they do have their own colorful sayings. Over the years, we have come up with quite a few interesting (or not) uses for some seemingly random words and phrases.

The following is far from a complete list of colorful words or phrases available to you, but it's useful when you need something quick.

Belgium (this is shamelessly stolen)
Berkshipe (nonsense)
Blighter (example: That blighter stole my bike!)
Booger (see "blighter")
Butt (general exclamation or someone who acts like a jerk)
Dirt (example: Oh dirt, I just cut my finger off!)
Dirtmonkeys (general exclamation)
Frag (see "dirt" for example)
Fruit (see "dirt" for example)
Hecker (see "blighter" for example)
Holy Mike! (general exclamation)
Holy nuts! (general exclamation)
Holy nuggets! (general exclamation)
Nuts (general exclamation)
Slag (general exclamation)
Slagger (see "blighter" for example)
Stifu (a stronger, more offensive word for "shut up")
Xylophone (very offensive exclamation or pronoun)
Yeah (often a substitute of "butt" or its variants)

Note that the words "belgium" and "xylophone" are extremely offensive to most of the more civilized denizens of Daireem, so make sure your character knows that before he goes screaming them in a public place. Smile

You can pretty much use the above words and phrases wherever you think they sound good.

Feel free to reply with additional words for the list.
Daireem - Exclamations and "Colorful Phrases"
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