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Valerie Fas'nvak
Ex-tournament fighter/
ninja accountant

Dominion Master
5/19/2007 7:49:37 PM

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...it's about time!
Eruantion Doriath
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
8/15/2008 9:48:03 AM

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RE: Heck,

Wow... No one ever responded to this?

Totally rock awesome... At least the type of rock awesome that keeps my mind off Diablo 3.

Still cool though. Yeah.
New User
8/15/2008 2:25:14 PM

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RE: Heck,

I bet this comes out when all of the futuristic equipment in the game seems outdated in real life.

I never played starcraft myself, but having played WCIII, Diablo II, and about a month of WoW I'm sure this will be really fun. Like crack.
Hey Claudius...
You killed my father.
Big mistake.

Dominion Master
8/15/2008 4:52:59 PM

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RE: Heck,

Myself, Wolf, and my dad used to be quite proficient at Starcraft. At one point in time we paid for static IP addresses so all three of us could play on Battle.net at the same time (something I can only hope they've fixed in the "all new" Battle.net.) Not exactly pro level, but we didn't slouch.

So I've played a lot of Starcraft in my time. Needless to say, I was giggling uncontrollably as I watched the announcement trailer.

My excitement has since faded due to lack of hype and the probable release date being in approximately eight centuries.

Coincidentally, back when Starcraft was first announced we were playing a lot of Warcraft 2 and got really excited about Starcraft. Two years later we'd pretty much forgotten about it, and then I was... looking through a Wal-Mart catalog or something and I was like "Whoa, hey, remember Starcraft? It's out!" Laughing
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