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Vladimir Wolfe
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8/4/2007 12:10:42 PM

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Vladimir Wolfe

Name: Vladimir Wolfe
Age: 29
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210lbs, 290+ in armor
Hair: Long, black
Eye color: Blue
Ship/Vehicle: None

  • War hammer: A very large, heavy weapon. Made entirely from metal, the thing seems impossible to lift by most, but Vlad carries it around fairly easy. The head of the hammer has an intricate design which was crafted when the hammer was created.

  • Shortsword: A medium-sized blade that Vlad carried at his side. He keeps the blade sharp enough to split a hair.

  • Tanto: A small blade kept strapped to Vlad's boot for those most dire of situations.

  • Book of Shadows: An old, leather-bound book held shut by a locked clasp. It's filled cover to cover with ancient incantations known to the world of Necromancy.

  • Rift Wave: This spell allows Vlad to create a spherical shockwave of energy to shoot outwards from his body

  • Earth Grave: This spell causes pillars of stone to shoot upwards from the ground within a limited range.

  • Shadow Flare: During times of extreme anger or emotion, Vlad can harness this emotion causing his right hand to "Flare up" with a deep-purple aura. He must be within striking distance of the target. When he makes contact with said target, all of the energy is expelled into the target.

  • Shadow Step: This spell allows Vlad ad anyone who he is in contact with to temporarily enter the shadow realm. The shadow realm is a mirror image of the real world, only it acts like a one-way mirror. Nobody can see you, hear you, or touch you. However, you can see and hear all things when inside the realm. Spending too much time in the shadow realm can be harmful, or even fatal.

  • Shadow Speak: This spell allows Vlad to communicate with and control the undead.

  • Animate Corpse: This key necromancy spell allows Vlad to reanimate a corpse, giving it life once more until Vlad dismisses the corpse, returning it back to its deceased state.

  • Conglaciation of Bone: This spell allows Vlad to freeze a body part of the target into a solid mass of ice.

  • Ignite Blood: This spell causes the blood of the target to heat up rapidly, to the point where it literally burns the target from the inside out. A very agonizing death.

  • Instill: This spell binds the targets feet to the ground, making them incapable of walking until the spell either wears off, or is dispelled.

Vladimir Wolfe was born into a barbaric family which rarely stayed in one place. At a young age his mother was murdered by his father for reasons unknown. His father continued to lead the family clan until he too, was murdered. By Vladimir's uncle. Only but two years later, he too was murdered, by Vladimir's brother, Helkate. Vladimir knew that soon he too would be sucked into this vicious cycle. He fled one night with only the clothes on his back and a small dagger that he still carries to this day. He traveled for days, facing near-death conditions. He reaches a small house tucked away in the woods one day. It was an elderly couple, who took Vladimir in. One day Vladimir left to town to pick up goods. When he return, he found that the house was burned to the ground, and his step-parents were slaughtered. He was now alone. He joined the military for 12 years, which is where he acquired his armor and weaponry. Then one day he crossed paths with a man named Terenn which changed everything.

Totally lost for what to do, they decided to go to a local barracks and take up a bounty, involving scoping out an active mine with which the owner had lost contact. Discovering that bandits had taken over the mine for themselves, Terenn and Vlad disposed of them and took their reward. Little did they know that a business tycoon named Terry Yslev hired the bandits to do this work, and was now not very happy with Terenn and Vlad. The two spent several months running from mercenaries and bounty hunters hired by Terry to kill them, eventually finding their way to Terry's estate off the coast of Savaxcn and killing him, stopping all further disputes with the hired killers.

Shortly afterward, the airship they had stolen from Terry, as well as many others at the dock, was bombed for reasons unknown. Their only lead was a female elf they met in the woods near the airship dock, who claimed her brother, located in the far away country Odeon, was likely to blame for this. Having lost their airship, and having no money to speak of, they began searching for some job that would pay for tickets to Odeon. As luck would have it, they found a job which required delivering a small crate--whose contents were undisclosed--to Zhidara, a country near Odeon. The pre-paid reward happened to be the airship tickets required to take the crate to Zhidara.

Before leaving for the trip, being absolutely nuts for barbecued ribs, they stopped at the best barbecue in town to chow down. In a flash of utter brilliance, Vlad opened the crate, discovering it was filled to the brim with perfectly rectangular stones that were otherwise nondescript.

For reasons unknown, Vlad took the crate to the front counter of the restaurant and managed to sell it to one of the employees, claiming they were magic runes.

After Vlad returned to their table with a bag of coins, three screams came from the kitchen area.

They soon discovered that the stones were, in fact, magic runes, and an invisible creature was summoned to strike down anyone who touched them. Three people were already dead, and the duo narrowly escaped their own demises, determining to nail the crate shut--with about three thousand nails--and deliver it, no questions asked.

Days later, upon the crate's delivery, they began on their way to Odeon. Upon travelling no more than a quarter of a mile from the house to which they delivered the crate, it detonated, taking down several neighboring houses. Against their better judgment, they raced back to the scene, only to find the blackened crater and the rune stones strewn about from the blast, one of which sailed through the air and hit Terenn in the head.

Apparently, the creature didn't care if a person touched the stone or if the stone touched a person. It charged Terenn. Just before the creature could decapitate him, Vlad tackled Terenn and muttered the "Shadow Step" incantation, entering the dark Shadow Realm, safe from the invisible monster.

After leaving the area as fast as they could, Vlad again said the incantation to exit the Shadow Realm. However, from some fluke of the magic of the stones and perhaps the explosion, the spell was disrupted.

They now stood on a strange world known as Perrenor.

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