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Daireem - Defunct Profiles
9/12/2007 9:15:28 PM

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Name:Locust((dont know middle or last))

Age: around 70 ((looks 27, real age unknown))

Gender: Male

Race: Demon shapeshifter

Description: Locust is 7 ft skinny pale skin red eyes with black cat like pupils (he can see with a little light) black wings that end in a spike. claws and what appears to be 2 blade like bones comeing out of his elbows and running up to his wrist. bed head brown hair no facil hair. wears  baggy auto camo((autimaticly changes to the color of the habitat like jungle camo ect.)) and a Merc helm outfitted with squad data vitals wind current breathable air (visor green)
shapeshift form a scally tiger like animal with black scales.

History: Locust has always felt a strong connection to magic but didn't know any spells.Since he was first found locust has became obbsesed with books .He has live most of his life on ships and is a fast learner.
Locust doesnt remeber most of his childhood. He remebers when he was 9 his parents putting him on a transport ship to Meeriad telling him they would meet him there.But the ship never made it. He grew up on a salvage ship working on the repairs.He worked on a tour ship taking rich hunters to hunt exotic animal.Now he his in a merc division the 1st divison Hunter squad shooter.

weapons Bushmaster XM15 E2S 16 inch, a Glock Field Knife 78,Jinxes P330 and smoke grenades
((i hope this is ok. not use to scifi rps))
http://link99918.deviantart.com/art/Merchalm-64997267 a pic of locusts helmet i know it looks bad (i cant draw)

The ground broke my fall.
Hey Claudius...
You killed my father.
Big mistake.

Dominion Master
9/13/2007 12:19:07 AM

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RE: Locust

Hi! Welcome to Daireem.

I don't want to chase you off, but it has to be said. Your spelling and grammar need some help. You are sorely lacking punctuation and capitalization, and it seems that you don't proofread your posts. Some of it is almost unintelligible, like this line from your first RP post:

"locust sees the ground rushing him and folds his wings but to seen hes still about 20ft from the ground."

We don't ask that you perfectly capitalize, punctuate, and spell everything every time, but we do ask for you to care about what you write.
Daireem - Locust
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