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Real Name: Manlee Solomon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
A human from a family that holds no regards to his current life and job as a low life thief from the slums
Small framed boy not that strong but is agile and stealthy.
he wears Bright orange vest with a long sleeved black shirt and plain worn jeans. (off Job)
Or A dark brownish cloak with bandages on his face,(On Job) as to hide his identity when things go south

If asked of his childhood he would recall times when his mom made him feel rich off of basically nothing, always taking him to places he had never been before, getting food from neighbors that had a home to go too but had to stay so they saw a little bit of home in him.
always getting love from other people who reminded him as a way to remember home.

He was told stories of the ancient place known as the universe, and was told that it was full of clouds that were full of dangers and adventures, beauties and gems, these places were called galaxies.
he got word from a trader on how he needed help to manage and move cargo to and from the market. Long story short he was kidnapped and sold to a nice bunch of mercs at the age of 15, he never saw any action but he was molested and only recently escaped 8 months ago.
his main job for the mercs were to steal from the local markets on planets they landed on and reel in new potential cilents that had any problems, and to clean the ship.
by 16 his way around the tongue to ease in new cilents or to sneak around to steal food for his skinny ass and his only way to make a living or to live for that matter.

at a Scrawny 5'9 and 120LBs the lightweight champion of getting his ass knocked out, is the infamous Manlee Solomon!!
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