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the Space Scourge

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Real Name: Viktor Rhodes
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Character Name: Viktor Rhodes

Age: 14


Bio Shell

Viktor (don't let the age fool you) is a seemingly adult human male of considerable height and build. His face is gaunt, his hair's often unkempt and the rugged clothes he often wears nicely round off his unremarkable appearance. Black greasy hair and a face covered with the stubble of poorly catered facial hair help his intimidation techniques. He stands at a formidable 6'1 and weighs a little over 200 pounds. He isn't built like a truck, but he could probably hold his own in a fist fight.

In reality, he is a Bio Shell.

What he appears to be though is a snarky, crude man who cant help but make quips at even the most inopportune times. He's often aloof when not engaged in conversation and has a nasty habit of cracking his fingers constantly.

While his career path and attitude is likely to put off those that first meet him as an un-affectionate brute, those who confide in him may discover something else entirely.

His manner of fighting is mainly pistol slinging, and he almost 'always' has some sidearm strapped to a holster on his waist, along with a knife tucked and hidden on the back of his boot. This man has a frighteningly quick draw, and he's a practiced marksman to boot. If resorting to hand to hand combat, he's more of a brawler than a practiced boxer or martial artist. He'll dive, use nearby objects, and try to shove his opponent of their feet.


Victor was not born, but was created. A product with an owner and a manufactured purpose.

Cecil Rhodes had been making a rather lucrative lifestyle for himself as an information broker in the subterranean cities of Tonfe. But as such things go, he had the tendency to attract the wrong sorts of people and business sometimes went awry. But Cecil wasn't deterred by such things, for the only thing more grossly overflowing in the human than his foolhardy nature is his greed.

He hired a large, burly human bodyguard by the name of Victor Hughes (with a C!). A proficient gunslinger and a despicable man in his own right, the two got along rather well together.

Until Victor got eviscerated during a fire fight in a shady dealing that went wrong for Cecil.

Determined to continue his under-the-table career, Cecil instead invested in a Bio Shell designed after his former companion, Victor, in many of the same characteristics. Programmed with a proficient aptitude as marksman, but still with the snide personality that amused Cecil.

Viktor Rhodes was 'born'. But unlike his predecessor, it didn't take long for him to quickly grow discontent with his status as a sideshow lackey and bullet sponge. Viktor quickly developed a sense of individualism that diverted from Victor's own outlook. He wasn't fond of the seedy business, the senseless violence that came of it a lot of the time (and oh, was there violence), though it wasn't until a good decade later that he finally decided to pursue his own freedom.

Unfortunately, Cecil has Viktor by the jewels so to speak. As he is his "Mind" and he wasn't very fond of his rather expensive investment (he really wasn't 'that' expensive, but Cecil leads him on) running off with silly sentiments such as "freedom".

At the same time, however, Cecil could not simply control Viktor as the two needed to act independently. Unwilling to simply dispose of him nor simply let him go without reparations, Cecil offered an ultimatum:

"I'll tell ya what big guy. I'll give ya some tape, a space dingy, and I'll even let you keep your favorite toys. But I ain't runnin' no charity.

You bring me a good 80,000 tape, and I'll smash up the control unit and toss away the pass codes, right in front o' yer eyes. That's right, since I'm such a nice guy I'll let ya buy your freedom."

At the lack of any real alternative and unable to oppose Cecil, Viktor (who purposefully spells his name with a 'k', out of some sentiment of individualism) took off into the great expanse of space... looking for a way to earn his ...

After several failed ventures as a mercenary, and finding all legal manners of work far too slow in earning the money he needs for his tastes, Viktor's decided to apply his knowledge of combat and black market dealings the only other way he could...

Space piracy.


H&K Mark 23 + case of 80 bullets, 2 spare magazines.
CRKT M1 Lightfoot (knife in his boot)
Mag Instruments 4 D-Cell Maglite
Orion Holocommunicator
Orion Personal Defense Shield
Smoke Grenade x 2

A few changes of clothes, all rugged, dark and patchy.
A black fedora.
Three bottles of spiced rum.


CP3 Vexxer - (Name: Rustwing)
E-Mail: (Private)

Tape 3000
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