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The Best of Daireem

This was a text document on my desktop for almost five years that I wanted to get rid of. This was a selection of recommended reading for friends I wanted to introduce to Daireem.

I honestly have no idea if it's recommended reading anymore, so caveat emptor or whatever.


"A Traveller, a Cargo Hauler, and a Ship Dealer Walk Into a Bar"

This is really long and not the best written, but establishes our characters Alex Dean (me) and Samuel Jorgenson, and they eventually meet up with Leon and Fate Mecheeto. They get into various hijinks and it introduces the Teas Covert Forces (TCF), a shady group that has the guys do work for them a few times.

This began nearly five years ago, so a lot of it is very rushed and not well thought-out. We get to see Alex and Sam's arbitrary martial arts and gunfighting prowess.


"TCF Mission - Vansid Capital Ship"

This takes place in the middle of "A Traveller [...] Walk Into a Bar", after Alex and Sam are hired by the TCF to do something for them. It's a short side-story with horror themes and disgusting genetically engineered monsters. The story continues after this back in the "A Traveller [...]" thread.


"On the starship where I spent most of my days"

A direct continuation of "A Traveller [...] Walk Into a Bar". It's sort of a short intermission where Alex, Sam, Leon, Fate, Diana, and "Boss" just chill on a space ship.


"Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?"

A direct continuation of "On the starship where I spent most of my days", it begins with a failed attempt at drama and introduces the "Grape Soda" plot, which lasted a while.


"Space: awesome. But... murder."

Valerie Fas'nvak (me) is riding on a transport headed for the planet Fierra Mesa (transporting a man by the name of Mateo Malone who she captured for a bounty in a previous story) and finds a woman's corpse. She takes it upon herself to find the truth behind the woman's death. There's also a ridiculous side-story in which Valerie has to save her friend Damon, who is armed only with a belt fed machine gun and is cornered at the edge of a large cliff, from an endless onslaught of natives.


"Why do I care?"

A continuation of "Space: awesome. But... murder." (some stuff happened between, but it wasn't important.) "Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?" also continues here. Valerie happens to be looking for the same Jessica on Perrenor that Alex, Sam, and Leon are. There are some bad interrogation scenes.


"Bad Choice of Vacation Spots"

Basically ripped off of Gears of War, this story features a down-on-his-luck pirate, Short Billy Gold, Eruantion and Amonost Doriath, and a handful of basically throw-away characters stuck on a grim world taken over by a subterranean people bent on eradicating humanity.

There's also a lot of "fake cursing", such as "fruit" and "slag". That's embarrassing sometimes.
Daireem - The Best of Daireem
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